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Stephen Jay Gould (/ ɡ uː l d /; September 10, 1941 – May 20, 2002) was an American paleontologist, evolutionary biologist, and historian of science.He was also one of the most influential and widely read writers …

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Feminism comprises a number of social, cultural and political movements, theories and moral philosophies concerned with gender inequalities and equal rights for women. The term “feminism” originated from the French word “feminisme,” coined by the utopian socialist Charles Fourier, and was first used in English in the 1890s, in

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Stephen Jay Gould가 1981년에 쓴 책이다. 원 제목의 뜻을 전달하고자 「”인간은 만물의 영장”이라는 잘못된 척도에 대한 비판」이라는 부제를 달아 놓았다.

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Barbara King highlights the great failures of comparative intelligence testing of chimpanzees to humans to give chimpanzees comparable and fair experimental situations that are outlined in a recent Cognition article framed around Stephen Jay Gould’s “The Mismeasure of Man”.

The Mismeasure of Man is a 1981 book by Harvard paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould. The book is both a history and critique of the statistical methods and cultural motivations underlying biological determinism, the belief that “the social and economic differences between human groups—primarily races, classes, and sexes—arise from inherited

Jun 14, 2011 · A few years after he died, I recall reading where Gould’s wife more or less came straight out and admitted he had only told the DWL crowd what they wanted to hear in order to cash in on it.

Science is an intellectual activity carried on by humans that is designed to discover information about the natural world in which humans live and to discover the ways in which this information can be organized into meaningful patterns.

The following is a review of Gould’s Mismeasure of Man, in which Dr. Arthur Jensen replies to Gould’s severe criticism of him in the book.Of course, uncritical admirers of Gould will “know” that Jensen is an alleged “racist,” and hence anything he says can ever-so-conveniently be automatically be ignored.

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